Stafford Speakers Club

Are you looking for a friendly group in Stafford to learn and develop your ability to speak in public?

We welcome everyone regardless of background, gender, age, sexual orientation or political affiliation*. At a Stafford Speakers Club meeting you can expect to see:

  • Speakers with a range of abilities from new and inexperienced to experienced and confident. 
  • A friendly environment with a group of people who want to develop themselves and help everyone else around them get better.
  • Booked guest speakers demonstrating the skills they’ve learned.
  • Practical workshops focusing on a key element of delivering a great speech, an excellent presentation or the perfect toast.
  • Guided exercise and activities led by a professional Public Speaking Coach.
  • Topical debates or a discussion on current affairs so you can practice your public speaking skills to scrutinise an argument.
  • Club members putting the techniques and strategies they’ve learned in previous workshops in presentations.

* Stafford Speakers Club reserves the right to refuse admission to public members of organisations like Britain First or extremist political parties like the British National Party or Socialist Workers Party. 

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